Tune a Piano

Most often than not, the common question regarding pianos is when to tune a piano. You should tune a piano at least twice a year but if you are a heavy user of your piano then it should be known that your piano requires tuning about four times a year. The reason that you need to tune a piano is simply to maintain the quality of the sound of the music that the keys create. Without having your piano tuned and serviced regularly and when needed, the quality of the sound will diminish causing it to sound, well, awful.

Did you know that the weather and seasons have a lot to do with when piano needs tuning? Atmospheric pressure affects the sound of a piano thus requiring maintenance and tuning of a piano to be performed on a regular basis, such as every few months.

Pianos are made of wood and when the temperatures and seasons change drastically, the wood on the piano will shrink or expand depending on the season and weather change. This then causes tension on the piano strings, which causing them to not be in tune.

Apart from weather, the use of the piano could require tuning on a very regular basis. If you frequently play your piano, then it may be best to tune a piano more often than twice a year. For example, if you are using your piano more than three times a week then you should probably tune a piano every three months or so. If you only use it once or twice a week, or not even that, then twice a year would suffice to tune a piano.

You need to tune a piano frequently, whether it is being used or not, so that other damage doesnít occur as some of it may be irreversible and the damage could cause a large sum of money that you simply cannot afford, especially in hard economic times. No matter how often you use your piano, you should at least tune a piano twice a year so that your piano stays in healthy condition.

It is very important that you have your piano tuned when it is needed as it is a routine maintenance just as oil being changed is in your car. You can learn to tune a piano yourself to save the average $100 for piano tuning by a professional or you can simply contact your local piano tuner technician to do it for you.

Most importantly, and as a refresher, know that it needs to be done a couple times a year at the minimum to maintain the quality and proper condition of your piano. Otherwise, when you decide you want to play your piano in front of a group of people, your music may sound terrible because the time hasnít been taken to tune a piano to ensure its quality and overall condition.

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