Piano Tuning Quote

Looking for the best value for your money? We all are and it is no different when it comes to having our piano tuned. In order to get the best value for your money spent, you need to know what you are looking for in a technician when obtaining a piano tuning quote.

One of the most important things that you should take into consideration when obtaining a piano tuning quote is to ask for the technicians qualifications, credentials, or trade papers. They should have some form of documentation showing that they are skilled and certified in what they do, which is likely piano tuning and/or maintenance. One thing to remember is that anyone can say and claim they are certified but just because they say they are does not mean that they really and true are. If they cannot provide documentation and beat around the bush when you ask for their credentials, go elsewhere to find a piano tuning quote.

The next thing you should consider when obtaining a piano tuning quote is to make certain that the tuner can repair piano should something go wrong during the standard tuning process or should other problems be found when tuning the piano. This occurs more often than many piano owners would probably think so it is important when looking for someone that can tune your piano that they are also certified to repair pianos. This keeps you from making two calls to two separate people to have your piano in proper working condition.

Next, when obtaining a piano tuning quote, you’ll want to find the nearest piano tuner/technician as possible. If there is a reputable and certified individual in your town that can provide proof of his/her credentials then you’ll probably want to opt for this person rather than someone that can prove their certification that it 50 miles away from your home. Some professionals may actually charge a fee if you live over so many miles away from their office so choosing someone that is from another town could cause an extra fee on top of the regular piano tuning quote.

Finally yet importantly, you’ll want references for your piano tuning quote. Some professionals have references that they’ll give you if you ask; however, the best way to get references is probably by word of mouth. Ask around and find who has used this person, what type of service they provided and if their piano tuning quote was affordable or outrageous.

Never accept a piano tuning quote that simply sounds too good to even be true because in most cases it isn’t. Usually when it comes to this situation, extra charges are tacked on to the overall bill once they arrive at your house. So, when getting your piano tuning quote, be sure it is in writing and that your technician has a copy as well as yourself so that if anything should ever come up later, you have the tuning quote in writing and can bring it out.

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