Piano Tuners in the UK

I know how busy life can be and it may difficult to sit down and take the time to find piano tuners in the UK when you need in your piano tuned; however, it is important that you find only reputable piano tuners in the UK to service your piano. So, that is where I come in. I have provided a list below along with a brief introduction of the piano tuner that is listed. This will give you a little insight to a few of the best piano tuners in the UK in case you don’t have the time to find one for yourself and do the research to find a reputable one.

Some of the most reputable piano tuners in the UK are listed below:

UK Pianos – Piano Tuning Service

One of the best piano tuners in the UK is UK Pianos located in Enfield, Middlesex. They offer services to a variety of areas in London and have the ability to service grand pianos, digital and upright pianos.

Ray Martin Piano Tuning - London Piano Tuner

Ray Martin, a lover of pianos since he was a little boy, has been providing tuning services as well as maintenance and repair services in the London area for more than 25 years. He lists a number of his clients on his website.

Peter Higgins - Harmonics Piano Services

Mr. Higgins is a professional among the best piano tuners in the UK that received his tuning diploma from the Newark and Sherwood College where he received qualifications in piano restoration as well. As a previous pianist, he tunes and services pianos in all East Midlands areas as well as frequent trips to the London area.

Mr. David R. Day – Piano Tuning Service

Mr. Day performs piano tuning as one of the piano tuners in the UK in the Mid Wales area as well as surrounding counties and has experience with both commercial as well as residential pianos. He has experience in all different makes and models of pianos and is seeking a membership with the Piano Tuners Association.

Barrie’s Piano Tuning and Repairing – Qualified Piano Tuner/Technician

Barrie covers tuning and repair of pianos in England, mainly in the Lancashire area. He received his diploma back in the 70s after successfully finishing training for piano tuning as well as repair. He received a reward, the Layton prize, for being the best piano repairer. He then started to work at a company in 1980, a year after receiving the reward, received a promotion a year later and then in 1986 decided to set up his own piano tuning service.

Although I’ve given you a few piano tuners in the UK, make sure that each and every one of the piano tuners in the UK can provide accurate and viable documentation that they are certified in piano tuning and maintenance. This is very important when you call these piano tuners in the UK. Your piano is an expensive piece of musical elegance and you do not want to settle for less.

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