Piano Tuning FAQs

When it comes to piano tuning, there are a lot of questions involved for many piano owners. Letís take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions related to piano tuning.

Piano Tuning FAQ 1: How often should I tune my piano or have it tuned by a professional?

The answer to this piano tuning FAQ will depend on how often you use your computer; however, you should always, no matter how frequently your piano is used, have it tuned every six months or so. If your piano is heavily used, then you may want to have it tuned every three to four months to ensure that everything stays in suitable condition.

Piano Tuning FAQ 2: What is the average cost of piano tuning?

This is a very common piano tuning FAQ. The cost of piano tuning can differ depending on all the services being rendered. It will also depend on your location, the expertise level of the tuner/technician, as well as other relevant factors. More than likely, youíll be shelling out anywhere from $75 to $150 for the tuning of your piano but the price could go up to $200 or more should other problems arise.

Piano Tuning FAQ 3: Itís been a two or three years since Iíve had my piano tuned, what happens?

More than likely if it has really only been just a couple of years since youíve had your piano regularly tuned, you probably wonít run into too many problems. Your piano will probably just need an in-depth tune. However, if it has been more like four or five years then you could run into extra fees associated with pitch raising and double tuning. Your piano make not be back to its old self until it has had a few regular tunings as well. Thus, it is very important to maintain your piano with regular tunings at least every six months.

Piano Tuning FAQ 4: Why does my piano go out of tune?

One of the most affecting reasons that pianos go out of tune is simply because of the weather changing. You wouldnít think something so little as the weather changing could affect a wooden piano inside your home but in fact does. When the temperatures and humidity rise or lower, the strings will have more tension on them or possibly less tension. This is why it is important to have your piano tuning at least a couple times a year to catch these fluctuations before they cause damage to your piano and before they cause your piano to go out of tune.

Piano Tuning FAQ 5: Iím selling my piano, is a tuning recommended?

Absolutely, yes! This will significantly help you sell your piano because majority of the potential buyers are going to want to play the piano to see how it feels, sounds, etc. A properly tuned piano will sell much faster than one that is out of tune.

Hopefully, these piano tuning FAQs have answered any questions that you have about the tuning of your piano; however, if they have not, check with a tuner near your home for any other questions that you may have or do a simple Google search for piano tuning FAQs or the actual question that you have in mind as it will yield plenty of results.

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