Piano Tuning Cost

Many people believe that piano tuning is not a major concern of the proper functioning of their piano; however, it is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your piano and to ensure that is in proper condition for accurate playing. Piano tuning is needed at a minimum of two times per year but for a piano that is used very heavily, it is best to take it up to four times a year. In order for your piano to play tunes properly, piano tuning is needed.

Now, one concern that many have when it comes to having piano tuning performed on their piano is the piano tuning cost. This is a concern to all piano owners so donít fear that you are the only worry about the piano tuning cost. Another fear, which is a logical and accurate one, is that other costs may arise in the piano tuning. If there are worn hammers or broken strings then these services Ė restringing, rehammering, etc. - will likely be included in the cost of the tuning of your piano.

The piano tuning cost will differ from one professional to another as their level of expertise will take a huge factor in the piano tuning cost that they charge their customers. In addition, the location of where the piano tuning will be performed as will the condition and the brand of the piano.

For example, if you call a professional to have your piano tuned and in turns out that it needs more services performed for it to be in proper working and playing condition, such as a pitch raise, then the piano tuning cost will probably rise since additional services will be rendered.

Some professionals that charge more for the piano tuning cost, they will likely make sure the piano is in proper condition all the way around. They will check for repair and maintenance that may be needed as well as the pressing of the keys, whether it is smooth or not. Those that charge the least amount for piano tuning will likely only tune the strings and not check anything else at all.

The condition of your piano will play a major role in the piano tuning cost as well. If your piano hasnít been tuned for several years due to no use or just because you simply havenít called to have the services rendered, then there is a lot of routine maintenance and repair that may need to be considered and performed in order to have your piano back to its original playing state.

Further, the brand of the piano will also affect the piano tuning cost significantly. A more expensive piano is going to have a higher piano tuning cost than a cheaply built one.

Based off of personal experience, I would say that the average piano tuning cost can range anywhere from about $75 to $200, which takes all the above factors into consideration.

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