Piano Tuning

If you own a piano then piano tuning is a must to keep in proper condition and functioning accurately. Itís sort of like a check-up at the doctorís office. Itís something that is vital to ensure proper functionality and longevity and the same goes for piano tuning.

About the tuning of a piano, it is simply when a highly skilled professional at piano tuning makes adjustments to the pressure of the piano strings in order to align the intervals properly between their tones so that the piano is accurately ďin tune.Ē The tune of a piano is different for every single piano and actually requires different pitches from the standard piano pitch known as A440 but all piano tunes are derived from the standard A440 in one way or another.

Now, when it comes to piano tuning, you need to have it performed at least twice a year; however, if you are a very heavy user of the piano then you should try to have your piano tuned three to four times a year. This is also the case if you donít use it often enough.

The reason you need to have piano tuning performed on your piano frequently is to ensure that it keeps it tone quality and proper pitch. Did you know that weather has an effect on the way your piano sounds when playing? Itís true. If you live in an area where the weather is really dry, such as the desert, in Arizona, then the tune of your piano can be very flat. Alternatively, if the weather is very humid then the tune of your piano can have a much sharper tone.

It is also recommended to seek a professional piano tuning to tune your piano to ensure that everything is done properly and efficiently. When you are on the search for a professional tuner technician, be sure to find out everything you can about him. Ask for his background, references as well as fees. Get all of this information up front so when it comes to actually having the piano tuning performed, you are well aware of all of the costs associated with the process.

Keep in mind that there are several things for your piano that are recommended apart from piano tuning and if you havenít had your piano serviced or tuned in a couple years or longer then the tuner-technician that you choose may perform other actions to ensure the proper condition and functioning of your piano such as a pitch raise.

Remember, piano tuning is very important to make sure that your piano continues to work efficiently and if vital whether you use it every day or once a week. Be sure to have piano tuning performed at least a couple times a year or more if you use it a significant amount (such as every day use).

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